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Exciting News!


Dear FurKidz Friends!
Exciting times are ahead! We are busy upgrading the FurKidz website drastically!
Please bear with us, this process, will only take a few weeks and once the upgrade is done, you will find super up-to-date postings of all the shelter dogs and cats looking for homes throughout SA, as well as many interesting articles and other new, fun stuff.
Thank you so much for making adoption your option!
The FurKidz Team

Chip for Cheaper!


A lot of us feel that to microchip your animal is a waste of time as people who pick them up don’t take them to the vet to check if they are chipped. A lot say a collar is the best way to identify an animal. The BEST is to have BOTH. A collar AND a micro-chip!

I sat at the vet over the December / January holidays and I watched people bringing in strays, one by one. Each stray was scanned. If they were not chipped they went into a small cage in the vet hospital and sat there for a week, two, even three weeks. The ones that were chipped were reunited with their owners within 30 minutes of the phone call being made.

There is NO reason why you should not chip your pet. When they stray you get them back to stay!

Are you aware that an unsterilised male dog is highly likely to escape from his yard and be picked up off the street as a stray and put in a shelter or pound? Jack Russell’s are the KINGS of this behaviour!! Are you also aware that the rates of pets being stolen in SA are increasing at an alarming rate? Stolen for security, dog fighting, breeding, food etc

What happens if your pet is stolen? The collar is immediately removed off your dog. If someone finds her or buys her off the thieves how would you know? If you see a post on Facebook and THINK it MIGHT be her how would you prove that SHE is YOUR dog? There might be no distinctive markings to prove her as yours. Photos could be of any similar looking dog…. If she is microchipped the problem is solved right then and there. A lot of dogs look very similar. If your black Dachshund goes missing and you pop into the SPCA to see if he is there how can you prove to the welfare institution that he is DEFINITELY your dog when they have 40 others sitting there that look the same? People who pick up strays in the street are not just going to hand the dog over to just anyone who claims the dog is theirs, all lost and found posters state “Proof of ownership required” and a blurry pic of 6 years ago when your dog was a puppy is NOT proof.

The fees of micro-chipping in SA are high and I have had a lot of people complain that they cannot afford to microchip and sterilise and vaccinate etc – it just starts to amount to too much. For a limited time only, we are offering pets micro chipping at reduced costs, affordable to the majority of pet owners. It can be done in the comfort of your own home or you can bring the animals to the shelter to have it done.

Chipping cost: ONLY R150.00 per animal




Medical Pet Care on Four Wheels

Spending a Day with Hilary Barclay

1 6 2      

Friday morning 11 am. I am standing at the parking lot of the Hout Bay Spar supermarket, waiting for an old silvery Mercedes Benz to come and pick me up for an adventurous day of pet care and medical treatment. “Come on in, how are you?” Hilary Barclay, driver of said Mercedes, friendly salutes and invites me to jump into her slightly wrecked vehicle that has been the motorized means of transport for many of her four-legged patients over the last decades. Working as a vet nurse for the local shelter DARG as well as for her own non-profit organization PETS (Proactive Education, Treatment and Sterilization), Hilary provides a weekly mobile medical service from the trunk of her car for the residents of the township of Hangberg and their furry friends. Every Friday, dog and cat owners from the township gather together at the side of Bayview Road and wait for the “dog lady” to treat their pets.

Once we reach the township, Hilary parks her four-wheeled pet hospital, gets of it and moves naturally among the many patients waiting for her treatment. She occasionally pets a head or two, enthusiastically greeting every other dog with the words: “Hello, my boy!” It is only now that the real work starts for the former cardiothoracic ICU nurse from Glasgow: vaccinations, de-worming tablets and treatment against the common skin disease canine scabies (also known as mange) are provided from the trunk of her car and carefully administered to her furry patients. Part of Hilary's working philosophy is that the pet owners only have to pay for the medicine – never for the service itself. Otherwise, she later tells me, many would not be able to afford the treatment so that a great number of dogs and cats would end up not being treated at all. Vaccination and de-worming only cost the small amount of 50R while other medical provisions like for instance vitamin tablets are often completely financed by donations and hence given away for free.

What impresses me the most about Hilary is the way she addresses the township residents. She is respectful and friendly yet direct and down to the point when she, for instance, emphatically advises the pet owners to have their dogs and cats sterilized.

Unfortunately, not all of Hilary's furry patients can be treated right on the spot. When a dog is suffering from a deep bite wound or a broken leg, Hilary often re-functions her mobile pet service station into an animal ambulance and takes the four-legged injured patient straight to a veterinary hospital. Today, not even all of the “normal” cases can be sufficiently treated since Hilary is running out of medicine before each dog has had the chance to get his share. She patiently explains to the remaining pet owners that a new box of medical provisions is due for tomorrow and that everybody is welcome to come to DARG the next day in order for his furry friend to be looked after. As I have to learn, Saturdays are by no means leisure days for the passionate dog-lover Hilary. Her shift is quite often a twenty-four-seven one, the constantly ringing mobile in one of her pockets delivering vivid proof for this.

Once Hilary has treated all of her little patients, she hurries back into the car, already being a little overdue for her next appointment. Following her shift in Hangberg is a house-visit, which is obligatory whenever a family decides to adopt a dog from a shelter in order to make sure that their properties are well-prepared for the dog. Also on her to-do list for the day is the picking up of five baby kittens from a local resident and a stop at the veterinary hospital in order to check on one of her little patients. Although Hilary is often working some extra hours, even spending her weekends at DARG, she never seems to be frustrated or tired by the work she is doing. She greets each and every furry patient with the same warm-hearted head stroke and the same loving words of empathy. By the end of the day, when she drops me of at the Spar market, the “dog-lady” still seems to be full of energy, waving a hearty goodbye, inviting me to come and join her for another trip of medical care in her old silvery Mercedes Benz.

4   5   3

Author: Daniela Koentopp


Featured Furkidz: Weekend Argus 28th June

website top dogs header Weekend Argus    

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These 7 wonderful dogs are now stars. They've all had their picture published in the Weekend Argus seeking new homes! They are just a small sample of the numerous and amazing animals currently available for adoption at shelters around the country.

The dogs in our shelters have been lost or abandoned or sometimes even, sadly abused, and are really looking for a new lease of life with loving owners. You'll find them by browsing through any of the shelters featured on our website or feel free to make an inquiry directly, on 0742758105. If you are quick, you may even still pick up one of our stars from the Weekend Argus.

The newspapers have shown their generousity by featuring these FurKidz, perhaps, it's your turn to show an equal generousity of spirit too, by adopting rather than buying, and giving any of these dogs a loving new home 

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World Dog Day and World Cat Day

url by Katharina Hendrickx

Do you feel like your kitty or doggy deserves a special day to be celebrated? Then the World Dog or the World Cat Day is just the right thing for you and your furry companion! The Animal miracle network and the IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, founded the days. The true meaning of them is to be a gentle reminder of your responsibilities as a pet owner. What better way to do that then celebrating with your partner in crime? 

The World Dog Day, celebrated each year on the 26th of August, honors the special bond and friendship between dogs and humans. This bond is ancient and has evolved over thousands of years. Dogs are trained to live with us and they are the perfect human companions. However, that means they also need us to take care of them and provide them with all they need to be happy. It is also proven that the wellbeing of humans and dogs is inseparably linked to each other. This means it is beneficial to our own health to take good care of our four-legged companions. The World Dog Day was especially invented to encourage people to adopt dogs that do not have the fortune to have a home and their other, human half. Even if you already have your furry fella it is a day to celebrate your time together.

Here are some recipes to spoil your doggie: Click here

The World Cat Day is celebrated on the 8th of August around the world. Founded by the IFAW it is meant to value all the years with your personal Garfield. The history of the friendship between humans and cats dates back as far as 9500 years. A statistic found that cats are currently the most popular pets in the world. It is said that the interaction with cats may reduce stress and improve mental health. Most importantly, they are faithful companions and friends, which makes them such great pets.

Ideas how to spoil your fur ball:  Click here

However, these special days are not the only pet-related days out there. If you want to celebrate more spoiling days, here are some suggestions:

January: Walk your pet month

February 20th: Love your pet Day 

March 23rd: Puppy day

April 18th: Pet Owners Day

May: Chip your pet month

June 4th: Hug your Cat Day

July: Pet Fire Safety Day

August 5th: Work like a Dog Day

September 23rd: Dogs in Politics Day

October 4th: World Animal Day

November: Adopt a senior Pet Month

December 2nd: Mutt Day


10 Things you did not know about your dog!

 images by Katharina Hendrickx

A dog is a man's best friend but how much do we actually know about our furry fellas? New researches and studies reveal surprising facts, which will give you a whole new perspective on our faithful companions. 

1.    Dogs yawn contagiously when they see their owner yawn. A study also shows that dogs yawn out of empathy, which means the yawning is emotional (PLOS ONE Journal).

2.    Statistics suggest that there are more than 9 million pet dogs in South Africa, more than in France.

3.    Dogs cannot only recognize familiar faces on images but they can also read people's facial expressions. They are able to conclude if you are happy, sad, angry etc. (Animal Cognition Journal).

4.    Dogs are able to sniff out testicle and other sorts of cancer with an accuracy of 99%. This is more precise than any human-built scanner. Using their incredible sense of smell dogs are trained with blood samples of cancer patience.

5.    A new study from Vienna, Austria, suggests that the relationship between a dog and its owner is strikingly similar to a parent-child relationship. Adult dogs behave to their owners like children to their parents.

6.    Dogs have a slightly higher body temperature than humans. The average body temperature of a dog is between 38°C and 39°C.

7.    The nose print of a dog is as distinctive as a human's fingerprint. The dog can be precisely identified by it.

8.    An American study reveals that around 1 million dogs were named primary beneficiary in their owners will.

9.    A new study on the brain of dogs suggests that dogs have emotions very similar to humans, which makes dogs capable of love and affection.

10.  Dogs can easily overheat, as they don't have an efficient perspiration system. They only sweat underneath their paws. These are the only glands they have. 



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